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Medina Marrakech

When you travel the first time to Marrakech there are a few things which are good to know about the old Medina. So you feel right away more comfortable and familiar with this exciting cosmopolite town. 

  • In the Medina there is no car access. Please be prepared to walk the last few steps to Riad Magie. We pick you up and guide you if you wish.

  • Please respect the Mosleme culture. Alcohol is no part of the local life. Of course you can enjoy a glas of wine or cold beer in the privacy of the Riad or in one of the atmospheric restaurants and rooftop bars. Be sure that we will tell you our best places where to go.

  • Yes, we do not have TV. There is so much to watch when you look over the roofs of the red city. You won't miss it at all.

  • Moroccan are very helpful and hospitable. If you have any communication problems remember a smile helps always and is international understood. 

You need more privacy?

If you want to explore the special experience of feeling even more private it is no problem to rent the entire Riad exclusively. Wether for small groups or families we will do our very best to make your stay unique.

  • While your stay the whole stuff will be by your side. Breakfast will be prepared wether on the roof terrace or in the beautiful patio according to your wishes.

  • The room maids will clean your rooms every morning. Laundry service can be arranged whenever you wish.

  • Private dining is no problem at all. Just tell our team of Riad Magie what you desire Madame Magie will prepare an unforgettable dinner just for you and your beloved.

  • Drinks like beer and several different wines are always in the Riad if you like to order. If you have special wishes we can organize it at any time for you. 

  • When you need tips informations or guidance just ask our team.  


Breakfast is always included. just tell us if you prefer to have it on the sunny roof terrace or in the shady patio. Don't miss the experience of having a private cooked dinner for you. Madame Magie will prepare a traditional yummy meal on demand.

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